R4 no ds card inserted error


It is clear that the DS is lying to you. Blow into where the DS cartridge would go into-not the DS cartridge GameBoy style, the actual place where the cartridge goes into. Blow gently, then try. Restarting and replacing the cartridge often solves the problem.

R4 no ds card inserted error

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By SilverWings59 , Oct 13, 22, 8 0. OP SilverWings59 Newbie. Level 1. Joined: Oct 13, Messages: 4 Country:. I've been using my R4 for a while now, and just two days ago my DS regular one, not the lite stopped recognizing my R4. Tis isn't the first time this has happened, but it is the first time where it doesn't fix by just blowing the dust out of the SD card and the R4.

Okay, I have an R4 and i started having this problem where i put my R4 in the socket but the DS menu keeps saying "DS card not inserted".

There is no DS Card inserted?

Getting inside this device is simple, making for easy fixes. Rasheen Barber. Hi I bought a memory card for my daughters Nintendo ds lite I cannot find where to slot it algebraic loop error stateflow. Any ideas. Show 14 more comments. It might just need to be cleaned. Past that, you can try replacing the Slot-1 slot on the motherboard, replace the motherboardor get a brand new unit. I do emphasize the cleaning first.

This only happens in less than 1% of cases. 5. guzhkov.ru if the DS fails with every DS card,• then definitely there is a problem with the SLOT 1 connector of the DS.

DS says no card inserted but my R4 IS inserted! HELP!!

Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free! There is no DS Card inserted? My Pokemon Diamond DS cartridge does not work as of today.

I've been using my R4 for a while now, and just two days ago my DS time where it doesn't fix by just blowing the dust out of the SD card and the R4. all the dust out, I start up my DS, and it says there is no DS card inserted.

Why won't my son's Nintendo DS read any games?

Discussion in ' Technical Help ' started by Deava13Dec 13, Log in. DS says no card inserted but my R4 IS inserted!

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My DS tells me I have no DS cartridge in when clearly i do.

Answers · Take it out and put it back in. Sometimes, the game is just a tiny bit out of the slot, even if it looks like it's in. · With the cartridge out, take the stylus out and.


Check that the sd card is fine and contains all the necessary files. Sometimes my flashcart's microsd comes loose and then it's like it wasn't even inserted. I remember that once it worked but I did something digitally and now is not reconized. the ds reads it as a game(but obviously when I start them it has error because it.

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In the menu, where the DS game should appear, it is ghosted out and says, "​There is No DS Card Inserted." First off, to remove the possibility.

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  • Replies: 19 Views: I'm wanting to ensure the system works to download play games so I can gift it to a friend's son as my neice received a Switch and no longer uses this but don't want the hassle if he has to buy game cartridges for every game he wants to play. It goes straight to the screen of pictochat and ds download play. Nothing happens. Actions Shares. My DS does recognize regular games, by the way.