Ical server responded with an error 502


In the last few days, my iCal has been giving me the following error message when trying to access my Yahoo! Calendar via CalDAV:. We are aware of a Calendar Proxy error and our engineering team is working to resolve this issue.

Ical server responded with an error 502

If you're having problems adding your Yahoo Calendar to a mobile device or an application like Apple Calendar or Mozilla Lightning it's usually related to the iCal address. Most feature problems, like buttons not working or display errors, can be resolved with some general browser maintenance. If you're unable to sync your Yahoo Calendar to a device or application, the server name or login info may be incorrect. To fix this, you need to adjust the iCal address you are subscribing to using the steps below'. Note: If you receive "Error code: " when you try to add a calendar with an iCal address, check with the calendar owner to make sure you've entered the URL correctly.

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If the user makes a typo wrong recipient address , or the smtp server rejects the message for some reason, it leads to the same issue. John Bloom. Last edited: This appears to affect iCal 3 and 4 as well. If an iCal user mistakenly misspells the user part of an email address on the same domain as themselves. However, after that, the event involving that attendee can't easily be deleted, because iCal's only option for deleting an event is 'Delete and Notify'.

When I go to e-mail (SBCGLOBAL) I get a message "Server error To operation CalDAVAccount - Answered by a verified When going to Calendar function on Mac, the following appears: The request for account “Yahoo!

iCal 502 error when syncing with Yahoo! Calendar

Christian Mack. I CAN modify existing event. But, i found a critical issue: i cannot add new event with iCalendar, BlackBerry 10 smartphone, even SOGo web interface. After saving a event with SOGo web, no event created at all. Last edited: If i create a new event with non-ascii characters Chinese, in my case and English, SOGo failed to save it with "Bad Gateway" error popup on top-right corner. Forget those "DAV property" errors.

The error message that I get is below. The server responded with "HTTP/ internal error - server connection terminated" to operation.

Are You Seeing the ‘CalDAVAccountRefreshQueueableOperation’ server error in iCal?

You can't add a task through calendar on Samsung S5E tablet. There was an error. Computer google calendar won't sync with iphone app, can add from.

Fix iCal errors, display issues, and buttons that don't work in Yahoo Calendar

It is an implementation of the CalDAV protocol which is designed for storing calendaring Fix errors in PROPPATCH response.

A Bad Request error happens when a server cannot understand a request that's been made of it. Bad All unhandled exceptions should result in a response code. When I update my ical, it keeps sending me. Internal Server Error; Not Implemented; Bad Gateway; Service.

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Description: There has been an error reading data for calendar: need to see is the actual response from the server (which should be in the error console if you.

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A Bad Gateway Error occurs when you try to visit a web page, but one web server gets an invalid response from another web server.

Resolve error messages

Google Calendar has an option to "add via URL" (right click on further calendars This is what I currently do and I get a The server responded with “” error.

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  • If you're unable to sync your Yahoo Calendar to a device or application, the server name or login info may be incorrect. I tried deleting and recreating the calendar in iCal, to no avail. Do you see any errors or mesages in sogo.