Pacemaster pro plus treadmill error code 21


Page Count: Manufactured by: Aerobics Inc. Installation Requirements 4. Unpacking Your Treadmill 4. Grounding Instructions 5. Testing Your Treadmill 7.

Pacemaster pro plus treadmill error code 21

Table Of Contents. Electronic Error Codes II. If an error code appears during operation of your treadmill, do the following:. Obtain your serial number, located on the front of the treadmill approximately inches to the left of the power cord. Write down which mode of operation you were using, the speed and incline that were set and if you were pressing any. Contact the PaceMaster dealer where you purchased your treadmill. If you have moved or need the name of the local dealer,.

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Table Of Contents. This is a communication error that could be a result of the black wire harness not being plugged in all the way. Unplug the treadmill from. Error code indicates a button was pressed when the magnetic key was inserted into the control panel. Do not press down on any. Make sure any accessories that are mounted to the control panel book rack, etc. Check all wiring connections optical sensor.

is a bad relay on the lower board, if it does not free up within hours then the lower board would have to be replaced.

Owners Manual ProPlus II 2002 Pacemaster_Pro Plus_II_ Pacemaster Pro Plus

PaceMaster, a manufacturer of exercise machines, features a line of electrical treadmills. Their consoles tracks your heart rate, distance, speed, incline and calories burned and offer a customized workout program that tracks and records your progress. Error codes that display on the console signify what issue your machine may be experiencing. PaceMaster includes a hex wrench to resolve problems involving the tread belt. Insert the magnetic key into the control power if the treadmill is not operating. Plug it into a wall outlet. Check your household breaker if the treadmill still does not operate. Write down the displayed error code and the serial number located on the treadmill's front by the power cord if you receive an error message. › › Exercise Equipment Maintenance.

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error code 21 on pacemaster proplus treadmill - Exercise & Fitness.

Elevation Error Codes - PaceMaster Owner's Manual › files › Owners_Manual_PaceMaster_Pl.

TROUBLE SHOOTING. Electronic Error Codes. Elevation Error Your PaceMaster treadmill is capable of varying your workout by changing.


E21 means the treadmill is not picking up a speed signal once the start key is pressed. First, determine if the motor is turning before you get the E21 or not. If the.

Elevation Error Codes

Pacemaster Pro Plus Treadmill Error Code. Last Updated: Apr 21, / By M.L. Rose treadmill. If you purchase a Pro-Form treadmill from. Sears, you can.

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PaceMaster, a manufacturer of exercise machines, features a line of electrical treadmills. Their consoles tracks your heart rate, distance, speed.

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