Pstack crawl input/output error ubuntu


There is no pstack package available for amd This should be easy to fix, since pstack is available for amd64 on Fedora, centos, etc. For developers, pstack is an extremely useful utility to dump the state of a running process. To work around its absence in ubuntu, I typically use 'wajig rpminstall' to install the centos version.

Pstack crawl input/output error ubuntu

Opened 3 years ago. Closed 3 years ago. Make sure to has been compiled with debug symbols should be the default and run it in your favorite debugger. Any debugger will automatically stop execution if a segfault happens, allowing you to then generate a stacktrace, or backtrace as it is sometimes called. That's odd. There's no segfault reported in gdb when running FileZilla. Can you confirm that it crashed? That depends how the previous version, or versions, were installed.

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Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Results 1 to 6 of 6. Thread: E: Couldn't find package pstack. September 14th, 1. Join Date Sep Beans 1. E: Couldn't find package pstack Hello, this is my first post.

Subject: pstack always fails with "crawl: Input/output error". Date: Wed, 29 Jan + Package: pstack Version: +b1.

Use pstack to track threads on Linux

Hi, I installed the jammr-client. Is the jack server required to run jammr? I have pulseaudio on my system Or is there any other problem? No, JACK is not required. The reason you see the message is because jammr uses the PortAudio cross-platform audio library. The jammr window should open with a login or audio setup dialog box.

Aliyun ubuntu pstack cannot be used to solve the problem crawl: Input/output error, Programmer Sought, the best programmer technical posts sharing site.

Probe a process

What if some tools which could present the information in a comprehensible way? This article explores three such utilities. We will track a process by its PID on Ubuntu. The easiest way to get the PID of a running process by its name is:.

We will track a process by its PID on Ubuntu. The easiest way to pstack shows the stack trace of a running process. Note that the (No symbols found) crawl: Input/output error Error tracing through process To install.

Recently, the project team pcs3001e error 5 a distributed smart community management and control platform on Alibaba Cloud, mainly to achieve unified management and control of building intercom devices, voip terminal devices, and mobile apps. It supports users to remotely manage terminal devices at home through mobile devices such as mobile phones, including video surveillance, sip audio and video conversations, and real-time notification and processing of device alarms. I have never used Alibaba Cloud before, and the entire development process is still somewhat different from the previous physical machine. The system mainly uses ubuntu The following mainly talks about a problem encountered when using pstack on the aliyun host and how to deal with it.

(, , f, , c, d) + fddfe9c4 crawl: Input/output error. Error tracing through process.

I did sudo apt-get install pstack and the output is: Reading (No symbols found) crawl: Input/output error Error tracing through process

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RedHat Linux distros provide a pstack script which can track process's threads, and the script is like this: #!/bin/bash if test $# -ne 1; then echo.

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pstack crawl input/output error ubuntu. pstack $(pgrep jammr) jammr (No symbols found) crawl: Input/output error Error tracing through process.


There's also pstack (not a standard utility, you'll probably have to install it But on my Debian wheezy amd64, it seems to always error out.

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  • Cri BTW your package is meant for Ubuntu systems, and I'm on a Debian system, I suspect maybe there are some unfulfilled dependencies which are installed by default on Ubuntu and not in Debian ; for example, I don't have KDE or other QT applications installed, so I suspect I could miss some essential lib qt packages. Nominated for Lucid by Andrey. Programmer Sought.