Error code 416 requested range not satisfiable maven


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Error code 416 requested range not satisfiable maven

Hi there, we noticed when using wget with the --continue flag set that it will hang indefinitely when trying to download a file which we've already downloaded. Testing wget against other servers we see the behaviour as described in the RFC a or However against nexus we get a , even when the range really is out of bounds. The content length is set to 0 and the content-range header seems to be adjusted accordingly, but it still seems it's not the correct behaviour given the request. Type: Bug. Status: Closed. Priority: Major. Resolution: Fixed.

congratulate, seems remarkable not maven code 416 satisfiable range requested error are not right. Let's discuss. think

I ran into this problem with sbt dependency resolution around 7 weeks ago. I was in a hurry, so I commented out the offending import since it was not in the subproject I was working on, so was not needed for the run I was in sent my commit to the heavens and CircleCI was happy. I was not happy though. Until I was fed up enough to check what the problem was. This is Range Not Satisfiable. This means that either the file we are requesting does not have this range available: it is shorter, or the range is malformed, or who knows. The expectation should be that under a error, a full request is issued, but this was not the case with Coursier I created the issue and submitted a PR to fix it, should be fixed in the next release.

The HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

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Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. Find centralized, trusted content and collaborate around the technologies you use most. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. I'm getting this error in the eclipse logs when I use the maven integration plugin for eclipse in my project:. › › HTTP › HTTP response status codes.

resuming downloads for unsatisfiable Range should respond with 416 or 200 instead of 206

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Error code , Requested Range Not Satisfiable HTTP means that the client requested only a portion of the file, but the server Another possibility is that you are behind a proxy which doesn't support range requests.

416 Range Not Satisfiable

HttpResponseException: Range Not Satisfiable (). Today But while i run the quickstart, it show me the error at guzhkov.rual.

Coursier resolution failing with HTTP method 416 in sbt

error code , requested range not satisfiable. from browser can access jar how come plugin gets status response? i'm using sts.

What is response code 416

[INFO] Downloading:​codehaus/ Error code , Requested Range Not Satisfiable for.

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- requested range not satisfiable not handled correctly # This is a permanent error state on the client side and as such I propose to handle it by downloading the full file instead of trying Does ckamm's code fix it?

What to remove

I am getting following error while trying to build a clojurescript project. central (​ Range Not Satisfiable ().

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  • You signed in with another tab or window. I can reproduce the issue by having the client download a large file, quit during download, copy the correct file over the download temporary and appending a few bytes. Problem is, somewhere can be more than one place with coursier. Please try again. On restart the client will make a GET request with an invalid range and I see the "requested range not satisfiable" error.