Sss lms error printing employee details template


Top Rated Discussions. Log In. Tagged Discussions. Now, I am having problem on generating report and I can't contact the IT department who handles the LMS diskette project, no ones answering the phone and the program is inconvenient for me. I have programs and encoding experiences but this one is kinda hard to understand, there's looping of data encoding to do and they do not explain clearly in the manual what should do incase of debug or problem arise.

Sss lms error printing employee details template

The SSS R3 Program is so important to all employers because it is a software provided by SSS to every employer to assist them for reporting SSS contribution collection lists and transmittal certificates to facilitate R5 payments. If you are an authorized signatory of your employer and you are assigned to upload R3 reports, you must download and install the R3 program correctly and properly in your computer to ensure posting of SSS contributions of all employees in your company are uploaded regularly. The software discussed here is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and the latest Windows 8. Just make sure you have enough extra memory in your hard disk of MB. Save the R3FGComp file in your computer. You can either ask SSS-R3 processor personally for this file and save it in your USB flash drive or just download the file online at sss. Save the file into a dedicated folder in your computer. Rename the folder.

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Not everyone knows how to use the SSS R3 program a. I think they implemented it to make everything else online and paperless. Where to get the SSS R3 file download? This file must be downloaded and installed by the employer to a computer —laptop or desktop. Check the system requirements to be sure the program will run properly and faster. You can also download the file online at SSS website. You must submit them within 10 days after the applicable month of the payment.

In this article, we will enumerate the most common errors in SSS LMS in that format, the SSS LMS program will not accept it and it will show an error upon saving. If you get the error when saving a new employee file, what you need to do is to error in printing employees details and application define or object defined.

How to Install the New and Latest SSS R3 Program

Upon using the LMS, you may experience some errors. We hope that it will help you save some time in figuring out the solutions to these common problems. The file lmstd.

COMMON ERROS LMS error printing employee details sss LMS pahelp po kng saan o anong format ung sbr kc first 2 letters daw then ilang.

SSS-LMS Diskette project

Hi, Charmaine Luce, Regarding problem 3 na isntall ko na ung Old R3, hindi pa din na resolve ang issue. OS is windows vista SP2 64bit. I can't install the old R3 File Generator.

From the desktop, click on “START” and select the “SSS LMS” program group then the It handles all the processing for employees and employer information. The format indicated on the screen should be followed or an error message (​Screen before any changes be made on the billing records, please print this first.

How to Use SSS R3 Program and Generate File

PURPOSE: This User's Guide contains information and instructions that will help the to add, edit and delete the employer, employee, and payment information. problems and solutions by clicking the Error Handling link at R3 Click on the [Print Employee File] button to generate the List of employees in.

Solutions to Common SSS LMS Program Errors

LMS Project The LMS File Generator v application program is designed specifically for Windows XP//Millenium edition using the WIN32 API to allow GUI.

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This is just an example. Then enter your employee's SSS number and other details such as last Double check all data before hitting update to avoid errors or wrong inputs. Print your Transmittal Certification and Employee File. Na.​enter ko na po yung details ng employee tapus e LMS generate ko.

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Just this month I went to SSS office to file R3 and Salary loan list, the officer told me that I also cannot print the employee file and the transmittal list. list there is something wrong with the program the error message is showing. I didn't know which data is to be upload in the usb, is that the text format?

The SSS LMS (Loan Management System) Program is a program produced by the Fill in necessary details, you may also refer to the government OR records here: How You can now print Employee List Report in pdf file.

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  • For only 56 pesos per employee, you can automate these rules and processes so you can spend more time on more important things. Ang hirap po kasi magdownlod sa web ng sss. I downloaded the R3 installer from the SSS website today but when I go to add a new employee, the fields are grayed out. Thank you. Kaso nainstall ko sa alptop at desktop parehong lms program for 1 company anme only.