Css validation parse error there is a problem


Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. Find centralized, trusted content and collaborate around the technologies you use most. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. Shay Howe, and ran into a problem with my code. I use Brackets by Adobe as my text editor and when looking at my live preview, it didn't look how it was supposed to look, so I put it into the W3C CSS Validation service and it said I had a parse error. Here is my code the problem area :. I don't know if it's a typo in the actual code or the result of you posting here, but this is a problem. There's also a semi-colon when it should be a colon in line 16, your last style for the.

Css validation parse error there is a problem

Hello , it is super important for me to solve this issue. Thanks a lot for your answer. I have been facing that same kind of problems for the cool juice wrld phone cases that may include in amazon in near future. And this has nothing to do with your host changing something in PHP — these are errors in coding. Some are coming from your theme.

congratulate, this magnificent idea error css a problem validation parse there is something is. Many thanks for

Rocket Validator automatically scans your sites for accessibility issues using the W3C Validator , hosted on our own servers and integrated into our web crawler. Save time using our automated web checker. Let our crawler check your web pages on the W3C Validator. CSS styles could not be parsed, check the indicated line to find what caused the parser to fail. Common causes are unclosed curly brackets or comments, missing semicolons or unexpected or empty properties. Use CSS instead.

But the main question was about the parse error which I don't know how to remove and why it is there. EDIT SOLUTION: Yours answers and little.

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One or more characters were discovered which appear to mean that the file is a binary file and not a web page. The page appears to be empty or doesn't contain any HTML tags. There is either an unnecessary extra single or double quote character or there is a missing quote.

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W3 validator gives : Error: CSS: Parse Error

Hello, it is super important for me to solve this issue. When i am scanning my site w3 validator gives me Error: CSS: Parse Error At line ,.

Parse Error

guzhkov.ru › community › css-validator-parse-error.

Hi, when validating this site (guzhkov.ru) I get an "2 Parse Don't know if that's contributing to your error or not, but it's definitely That will give that the tag (on the wrong place, as also the html-validator is pointing​.

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Guide describing the HTML issue detected by the W3C Validator: CSS: Parse Error.

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morganwdavis commented on Apr 20, I tried it with both sites and I get the same results (more errors on checker.

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I get W3C Validator to try and validate my CSS it return's a parse error I don't know if there is an issue with that, The code is from this page: .

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  • Before deciding on a theme, test the demo to be sure it validates properly. It appears that you have specified two attributes with the same case-insensitive name. Use CSS instead.