Volvo key error try again


The electronic immobiliser is a theft protection system that prevents the vehicle from being started by an unauthorised person. Each remote control key has a unique code. The car can only be started with the correct remote control key with the correct code. The following error messages in the combined instrument panel's information display are related to the electronic immobiliser:.

Volvo key error try again

Volvo vehicles may refuse to start. If your Volvo doesn't start, don't panic. Take a look at several tips that will help you start your Volvo again or help you narrow down the problem. Immobilizer See manual error message on the dashboard means your Volvo does not recognize the key, and therefore it will not allow you to start the engine. The problem could be caused by many issues, including a bad key, defective ignition, or faulty CEM Module. Let's take a look at some of the most common problems that prevent a Volvo from starting and trigger Immobilizer error messages. If your Volvo won't start , and you are getting an Immobilizer message, plus your Volvo is acting strangely and is displaying several random messages such as ABS, Airbag, Steering failure, the chances are that the Central Electronic Module CEM module is the culprit.

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Volvo S40 owners have reported 9 problems related to car will not start under the electrical system category. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Volvo S40 based on all problems reported for the S After parking car and turning car off, airbag, brake, and information warning lights stay on, as does ventilation system. Passenger seat has excess water underneath.

Another forum said if the Volvo keys are in close proximity of another RF device like another remote unlock fob, it can wipe out the Volvo key fob's.

Volvo Immobilizer See Manual Problem › questions › couldnt-start-my-volvo-due-to.

My Volvo S40 (06) would not start when I turned the ignition key. I got a message that was somewhat like "Key Error, please try again". I tried with both my keys. › Home › Volvo Vehicles › Volvo S

Volvo S40 - Key Error message - I have a Volvo S40 T5 and have been having problems with the key. When I try to crank the car, the key error message comes on. I usually have to play with the It refused to run again. After much study I.

What does Volvo Immobilizer See Manual mean? › tkey-error.

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PLEASE TRY AGAIN", so I did and again and again with both keys, no joy. So it was a very fast walk to school which was good as it was

Our V50 T5 wouldn't start this evening and gives a 'Key Error - Please Try Again' message when either of our two keys are used.

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  • No messages initially, then immobilizer light indicated. This happens sporadically for example it will happen several times over a week or so and then not happen for several key. What does Volvo Immobilizer See Manual mean? This is often when the dashboard lights turn on, error you can't start the engine. Your Volvo key is not being recognized. The problem could be caused by many issues, including a bad key, defective ignition, or volvo CEM Module. The car battery is try discharged, in which case there is not again charge to power up all the modules.