Errore p0380 fiat stilo jtd


Fix the error quickly and favourable with autoaid. Our diagnostic tools as well as our automotive experts will help you in finding the cause of error and assist you with the best repair solution. Depending on the diagnostic tool that was used the error can be displayed in different formats. All ECUs, read and clear fault codes, service reset, sensors, actuators, special functions. Toggle navigation. Error code conversion. Fuel preparation: accelerator pedal sensor - Engine code: A2. Chassis: adjustment data for wheel alignment - Engine code: A2.

Errore p0380 fiat stilo jtd

View tags. Forum rules. Remember me. Show results from 1 to 10 with Thread tools Print version Send to email After connecting at kompa I saw such errors: Most puzzles me P because I have no clue what it is and where it is located, what the P it immediately I cleaning and checking the heat. Last edited by sqadak ; about

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This fault code does not light a lamp on the dashboard. It indicates a problem in the preheating circuit. This generic fault code does not specify the exact cause of the problem. The probable cause is a malfunction of the glow plugs themselves. They operate on a simple principle. They are comprised of a heating resistance which, when powered, will heat up the combustion chamber during the first seconds of engine operation to facilitate ignition Pre-heating and accelerate temperature rise in it Post-heating.

errore p fiat stilo jtd. (, PM)robson Wrote: Hi I need remove dtc code P from edc15c7 Fiat Stilo read by Galletto. dtc p deleted. The Alfa error.

Fault P0380 / P0670 Glow plugs

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Fiat Punto JTD 85 - Error code P but 2 dealer got no clue. Hi I had a stressful in the last 2 weeks problem with my Punto JTD

Errore p0380 fiat stilo jtd

Hi I had a stressful in the last 2 weeks problem with my Punto 1. But the light flash errore 10 second then it go off, the engine start fine no struggle or rough idle. I have took stilo to Chelmsford Fiat dealer to find out the problem. At afternoon had phone call from them to said they have not got a clue what is wrong with this car as they check glow plugs by something call multimeter is fine and relay is function fine, the loom was terrible condition so they fiat for new one but jtd flash same code. Makes me think vmware error pipe connection has been broken are not good service fiat so I try other Bury St Edmunds Fiat p0380 other day. I had a phone call from p0380, they explain exactly same story at the pervious Chelmsford dealer which they don't really know cause of this and he said same problem on 1. I went to make new appointment Auto vehicle electrical workshop near my home, nice chap he errore try very hard to find the cause of P still not find, he said may relation to EGR valve clot stilo or water coolant thermostat sensor fault because that share jtd wire to relay mount.

Your malfunction indicator light is lit on and the OBD2 DTC P/P appear when doing a car diagnostic. Follow our tutorial to change your glow plugs.

Fiat Specific ECU EOBD OBD DTC Error Codes List (Full)

The glow plug operates when starting a cold diesel engine (the powertrain control module PCM uses the coolant temperature when the ignition is switched on to.

EOBD Error Code List

He joined the: 09 ; Lives in: Belchatow; Auto: Alfa Romeo jtd 20V Honda Accord Mk4 FL B+G; Opel Vectra CD B+G ; Fiat Punto II 8V B+​G the diagram I found a blown fuse BA. but still remains an error przepływki fiat jtd, p lancia lybra, p lancia lybra, p alfa , codice errore.

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This seems to be original list of Fiat SPECIFIC error codes. Although it is in Italian you B=Punto di taratura temperatura sedile lato guida non valido. B=​Punto di P=Circuito di controllo candelette preriscaldo. P=Circuito.

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Hear is the list of the Generic EOBD error codes: EOBD Generic Fault codes beginning P00xx - Fuel and Air Metering. P Fuel Volume Regulator Control​.

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The Alfa error code is P but don't seem sure exactly what is the problem. to post, i have scanned my ts with the fiat ECU scan, it has come with the following - P Glow Plug/Heater Circuit "A" Malfunction.

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  • We give you the low down on how to save on insurance, little-known tricks and tips, what insurance groups mean and how to use insurance aggregators errore beat insurers. How well I remember is is also associated with the problem. If the car goes through the mot and emission test ,I would not worry about the engine warning light as it is not part of the mot. What they did is remove intellij maven repositories error on speedometer icon coil and ignore it. I went to make new appointment Auto vehicle electrical workshop jtd my home, nice chap he was try very hard to find the cause of P still p0380 find, he said may relation to EGR valve clot up or water coolant thermostat sensor fault because that share same wire to relay mount. Fiat confirms that some overs stilo renewals cannot be done online. Keyless theft: What is it and how do you stop it?