Sct livewire ts error 10029


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Sct livewire ts error 10029

I have a 16 bMW M6 with Dinan tune, exhaust and airflow system. It is significantly faster than when stock. I have a 19 ram diesel I am thinking of getting a tune for that promises all kinds of great hp, tq and mpg increases. Anyone have an opinion? I have no qualified opinion, but was blown away by the stuff that Renntech did. It brings it to 1, hp with octane, which I can get about 10 miles from my place in the Bay Area. No, I have no idea why I need this. Is that AWD?

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Sct Livewire Ts error. I've sent email to tech that was helping me last Monday for an update which he had nothing after the week before which was week 1 of my problem so now 3 weeks later with no updAte I decided to ask on here. Basically the tuner is throwing errors in every operation to my truck the main error code that I can recall off hand is I get it when I enter the gauges mode and its like the tuner never picks up my truck. I also get an error when trying to program, read codes I don't have any , see vehicle id, and even in demo mode I get errors. Any one had this problem I have a F 6.

Hey everyone. So my Livewire TS is no longer working after 4 years. I was driving using the gauge mode when the screen change to an error.

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I have the Livewire TS (more on that later). I bought the I finally get the new plugin and now I am getting General Error I cannot find.

Computer Chips & Tuners - sct livewire error? - I have installed my livewire extreme canned performance tune for a few days. I decided last night that I would try. › wp-content › uploads › LivewireTS-User-Manual_.

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This warranty covers any defects or malfunctions in your SCT Livewire TS product within the warranty period set forth below, subject to the following conditions.


Computer Chips & Tuners - sct livewire error? - I have installed my livewire extreme canned performance tune for a few days. I decided last night.

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+ Engine Related Questions - Need help SCT livewire ts error code - I just tuned my truck again. To come race at the track tonight.

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  • What are These Options? Warranty Info. I have to wait till after the holidays to call. You are welcome, and good luck with your projects! At least that is how I feel now after having the device fail. We sent one back due to is missing some program tables and such.