24338 oracle error 12154


Tubby wrote: A ref cursor is nothing more than a pointer to a statement query. So no, you do not want to make procedure calls. You want your Ref cursor open for a query that contains lines. But according to. NET my front end platform documentation DataReader extracts data from database by. Means at the beginning same query has been run and all data was collected and temporarily stored in the database, and then the DataReader retrieves these data line-by-line And when all the rows are read that open the cursor is closed. Is my concept here?

24338 oracle error 12154

Toggle navigation codeverge. Oracle retrieval Error sometimes! I am running a report against an Oracle 8i database. The report is big, returning pages, and monetary totals into the hundreds of billions of dollars. If I run the report by individual currency each report taking about 2 mins and 30 pages , it works all the time, every time. If I run the report for ALL currencies, it takes about 35 minutes, takes pages which is correct and works only sometimes.

directly. was and with 12154 error 24338 oracle something is. grateful you for the help

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0/client_1/network/admin. ORA TNS: could not resolve the.

Oracle error tips:

COM connects to HO. ORA of the database server. ORA file present at the Oracle database server. When there's a config error in the file it commonly reports the linein which the error is. Resolution: Sometimes the errorORA might be visible only in the alert. On Windows platforms this error could be related to the NTS authentication.

ERROR: ORA TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified.


This chapter covers issues that commonly occur when using Crystal Reports with Oracle. Problems arising in the Crystal development environment will be described, specific Oracle errors will be listed, the proper use of date literals will be explained, and methods to report on user private data will be explored. Other common problems will also be described, along with solutions to those problems.

oracle error Appendix A Common Issues from Crystal Reports 9 on Oracle. ORA TNS Could not resolve service name · ORA.

Appendix A Common Issues

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I keep getting an "ORA statement handle not executed" error when trying to create a dataset from an Oracle stored procedure (signatire details.

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Appendix A Common Issues from Crystal Reports 9 on Oracle. ORA TNS Could not resolve service name · ORA Statement handle not executed Oracle errors can occur at a couple of different points in the reporting process.

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The problem is that we *Sometimes* get the ORA error when executing a query. This problem occurs random, sometimes twice a day.

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The error returned from Oracle is 'Select Error: ORA Statement Handle not Error while trying to retrieve text for error ORA!!!


ORA TNS:could not resolve service name · ORA TNS:could not ORA statement handle not executed · ORA statement handle.

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  • COM connects to HO. If using OR8 driver, they are huge numbers. Authors: Marie Annette Harper.