Er-420m sequence error


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Er-420m sequence error

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are mistaken. suggest sequence error er-420m your place did not

Return to Sam4s Cash Register Equipment. Visit our Online Manual Shop. Now I just have to go through the manual and try and work out the programming!! Just one other thing I wanted to ask and I have posted the question again as a general question on the forum in case anyone else can help also - This register - can it only be used by programming amounts as a PLU.

nathan_mills: You have not given any details regarding your query. Customer: sam4s erm. Customer: sequence error is showing and alarm is continuous.

Error Code Table - Sam4s ER-420M Operation And Program Manual


Sam4S ER-420M manual

ERM Electronic Cash Register AU the ERM memory may cause damage or loss to the program. amount cash out will generate a sequence error.

Sam4s erm has constant sound error how can I resolve - Retail Supplies. An initial clear will only stop errors and not lose programming like a full it & program it it continually beeps & the screen says sequence error. › answers.

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Hi, I just bought a second hand SAM 4s ERM cash till. Turned it on a presssed a few key, and a "Sequence Error" came up ". Days latter I'm in dispair - nothing.

Error Code Table

it is in Void mode constantly and when you push any button it comes up "​warning plu no data error" or "warning sequence error". Tried pushing clear then cash.

Numbered Error Conditions. AMOUNT. RPT The ERM comes with a liquid crystal screen, allowing you to view up to 2 lines of SEQUENCE ERROR. E1.

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  • Do not change er-420m spacing between components and the printed circuit board. Add your answer using the form below Change computation is allowed by entering an amount before pressing the CASH sequence. For example, enter: 12 2. Press the MOD 1 key. You can return merchandise as part of a sale, or you can return merchandise as a separate transaction and return cash to the error. Your name:. Some semiconductor solid state devices are easily damaged by static electricity.