Tvpad error code 1 dns server


With TVPad being court-ordered to shut down , thousands of their users have been left with a device that no longer works. Some instructions tell you to reboot the machine, but I found that saving the DNS on step 7 did the trick in my case. Also have to mention that the above instructions are for TVPad3. I am living in Jakarta, Indonesia. I am a user of TVpad

Tvpad error code 1 dns server

If you can get to the screen and select an app, it never conects. This is all thanks to a lawsuit that forced the company to turn off the service it was providing to thousands of TVPad users streaming broadcasts from China, Korea and Taiwan. Yes, the service outage is permanent; TVPad is coming back from the dead, at least officially. With hundreds of dollars invested into TVPad by family members, I wanted to see if a fix existed that users could get around the service outage. I came across this thread on TVPadTalk.

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How to fix tvpad user does not exist message As mentioned in an earlier post, there are some problems with the tvpad servers and that's why you are getting the tvpad "user does not exist" message on your screen even if your Internet works. The TVpad management have said today that the servers should be restored within a couple of days. If you want the TVpad working again right now, there is a solution for that. You only have to change the DNS number in wifi settings or network settings to the following number: Some hackers have attacked the servers again and that's why the servers are down and you are getting the user does not exist message. Change the DNS number to

The error is error code-1 when I try the network test. I saw other DNS numbers out there, but none of them work. Just forget the network test, because V connect to Tvpad server are block in USA,so you never get normal answer from.

Hey need some help, my tvpad4 is not working. Ive tried to update the tvpad but could not connect to the server, so i tried downloading the file and.

How to fix your TVPad service (when it isn’t your internet connection)

The TVpad keeps encountering sever error even though I manually three stages: IP, Gateway and DNS; but Sever stage got "error code: 1".

Upgrade method for TVPad 4 to 5.060

Choose Manual, change the DNS address to '' or Solution Of TvPad Error Code1 Occurring While Connecting TvPad To.

How to change the DNS on TVPad

How do I fix my TVPAD3 '' Abonormal(Error code: 1)'' I'm trying to connect to inernet Question about Unknown TvPad 2 M Smart TV Media Player Bundle NONE OF THE DNS ADDRESS WORKS AS POSTED ABOVE.

Solution For Tsassist Exe Abnormal Error Occurring While Running Program In Visual C++

My TVPad 4 is working fine even though I'm getting error code when running the The error is error code-1 when I try the. After the lawsuit forced the company to fold, TVPad pulled their service offline on their default DNS server address.

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For the latest news situation about TVpad 1, TVpad2 or TVpad3, read this post After typing in your IP address, subnet mask, gateway and DNS I have tvpad2, got the wifi and green icon, but server issues with error code

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The only way to upgrade to is to upgrade your TVPad 4 to then If you are getting no network, then use this page to find a suitable DNS server. I also got a code 1 error(Network Error) when I test the connection.

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  • Some hackers have attacked the servers again and that's why the servers are down and you are getting the user does not exist message. Change the DNS number to They are fixing the issue now apparently.