Mssoap soapclient30 error


Last post May 12, PM by wildmoose. We are trying to access a webservice from classic asp. The code works perfectly fine from my local machine and we are able to validate and authenticate the webservice flawlessly. The code being used is as follows. There are textboxes on the screen where the URL, userid and Pwd for the service are entered.

Mssoap soapclient30 error

Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. Find centralized, trusted content and collaborate around the technologies you use most. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. This is my first time coding VBA and I will appreciate any possible pointers at how I can fix the problem. Basically, I've written a little soap service and it works fine - I test it with SoapUI - so I guess other application should be able to consume it. The WSDL the service generates is here. I'm trying to put a bit of code together that actually uses it VBScript below - I've built it on top of an example I found while googling. It generates the following error:.

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It works fine if i send a soap request without the toolkit. Why cant i create the object and request information from my wsdl file? Please if anyone has any ideas??? Thanks, you were right but am still getting an error. In vb6 i get either run time error to do with the wsdlreader: loading wsdl file and parser. In asp still cant register the mssoap1. Please if you have any other ideas or links to anything that may help me?

Your service response contains complex type object.

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SoapClient30" Call soapClient3. I get the error on the 'login' call. Is there something else I need to do. › class-definition-mssoap-s.

Error ActiveX component can't create object: 'MSSOAP.SoapClient'

But i got an error while initializing an object of SoapClient There is limited support for this scenario when migrating mssoap applications on previous versions of Windows to Windows Net based solution as quickly as possible. However, using late binding without a ref i. SoapClient30" fails. We use late binding for Soap all the time on XP, xl03,xl It is a must for us as a single error must work on all platforms, and soapclient30 users have M SS oap while others have M SOS oap installed.

genenerates this error: Class definition guzhkov.ruIENT30 in not found. On the Registry Editor, I can see from the class list: guzhkov.ruient

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But i got an error while initializing an object of SoapClient Files (x86)\​Common Files\MSSoap\Binaries\MSSOAPdll" through RegSvr

Problem with my SOAPClient30

Below is the structure of my code and an error. The problem occures when my code goes to pass the webservice parameters and it comes back with the error message below. Can anyone Help? SoapClient30" pstrWebservice. › forums.


dim SoapClient set SoapClient = createobject("guzhkov.ruient") SoapClient​.mssoapinit("

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Operation(queryStr$) when Set client = CreateObject("guzhkov.ruient30") this line access it show me error that cannot create automation.

Re: Using MSSoap with HTTPS

set SoapClient = CreateObject("guzhkov.ruient") But I am getting the following error when the script is run: Microsoft VBScript runtime (0xA01AD).

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  • Learn More. I posted only an example JG It may be that the app pool that you are connecting with runs under a local machine account and therefore your web page is not authenticated. Search related threads.