Hirsch embroidery machine 3a6 error code


Control Panel Keys. This manual is a guide book for using cap frame, tubular goods frame and border frame read this manual thoroughly and use frames after understanding the contents. Frames to be used for cap embroidery include semi-wide cap frame besides wide cap frame, and cap frame unit that drives the semi-wide cap Tajima Industries Ltd. This manual includes a description of the functions and capabilities and presents instructions as step-by-step procedures. It is also a model for embroiders that.

Hirsch embroidery machine 3a6 error code

Solution: This stop code is not caused by abnormality or failure. Solution: When this message is displayed on the screen, grease the specified spots p. After greasing, press the stop button to release the maintenance mode to continue working. Still need help? Contact Us Contact Us. Reader does not read the tape for more than 5 seconds.

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Hi Everyone, Just thought I would post the Fix for the 3A6 Error on Multi-Head Tajima Machines. 3A6 – 3A6 Incorrect ATH movable knife retract.

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One of the features of many new embroidery machines is plastic feed tubes that stretch from the thread trees to the first set of How do I reset a 3A6 error code?

Hirsch embroidery machine 3a6 error code

hirsch embroidery machine 3a6 error code. One of the features of many new embroidery machines is plastic feed tubes that stretch from the.

Tajima Error Codes and Solutions

Tajima is an embroidery machine developed and marketed by Hirsch. Fix the "​3A6 error" code. Clean out the "bird nest" of threads by hand or a piece of cloth. Close the knives completely and press the "SET" button to reset the error code.

Tajima Error Codes and Solutions

We have got a 3A6 error code on our Tajima TFMX C head. Cleared birds nest etc and reset but still not - Sewing Machines.

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embroidery machine software firmware 3A6. When this error code appears the sensor monitoring the position of the Hirsch Solutions > Resources >.

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Tajima Parts Hirsch. used tajima embroidery machine Embroidery Machine Error. Codes WordPress com. tajima tmex code 3A6 Used embroidery machines. Tajima TEHX error code Used embroidery machines screen. Tajima​.

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  • If code is still displayed, replace the head card of the corresponding CE head. Tajima embroidery hoops x. Solution: This stop code is not caused by abnormality or failure. Tajima Neo Machine Manualuse the machine. Then change the nipple stroke by using the keys from 1 to 5 and the return key. Solution: Stitch back is possible up to 71 stitches for tape operation and starting point for memory designs. Page 3.