Ge oec 9900 communication error


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Ge oec 9900 communication error

This problem crosses our desks on a regular basis. You can use the boost temporarily to continue serving patients until an engineer can get to your facility and double check your calibrations and the condition and cleanliness of your imaging chain. More likely than not, your problem is that your main system batteries are approaching their end of life. Batteries like these are available at most battery stores. Removing the cover on the backside of the C-arm will reveal the battery housing in the base of the frame. Be sure to allow twenty four hours for the system to recharge after battery replacement. If the issue persists, it may be time to replace your battery charger board part number This error can be caused by an issue with any of several parts.

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OEC 9900 problem

If you use an OEC C-arm you're already familiar with the twenty little arrows that scroll across the display on your system during boot-up. You probably also already know there are 20 different sequences of those arrows that indicate different problems your may be having. As C-arm service providers we're no strangers to any of the 20 sequences, but we can definitely say that some of them come up more often than others. › bid › topc-arm-problems-and-solutions.


I have an intermittent problem on a OEC Sometimes when the doctor starts up the machine the workstation screens will just keep flashing at the GE screen. It will continue to do this until you shut it off and restart it. It usually happens in between cases when they turn the machine off for 15 minutes or so.

1. Grainy Image · 2. “Charger Fail” Error · 3. Low mA Error · 4. Communication Error.

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Alerts; This is not a comprehensive list of warnings and alerts for this system. It is just a overview of some that have been found to impact worker and patient safety in the past. When in doubt about the meaning or importance of a warning or alert, refer to the operator's manual or contact your service agent. Only use HLF when other acquisition or fluoroscopy modes are insufficient to penetrate the patient. Leave the system ON with no operation for 4 hours. Press any C-Arm control panel key to continue.

I have an intermittent problem on a OEC Sometimes when the doctor starts up the machine the workstation screens will just keep flashing at the GE screen.

Communication Error

You can add Community Subscriptions in the search bar that says "Subscribe to more communities Changed Interconnect and still error. I would make sure you back up your calibration data first using Utility Suite because the Generator interface is where that info is stored. I put the Generator interface on an extender and then power up and change the battery with power on. If this is not possible you will need the backed up data to restore the calibration after you disk check error 10249 the Generator Interface board.

ge oec communication error. 1. Grainy Image · 2. “Charger Fail” Error · 3. Low mA Error · 4. Communication Error. I put the Generator.

OEC 9900 Elite

Well, we could say that but we don't want to lie to you. Fact of the matter is that no matter eagle lake bios error code delicately you handle your C-Arm, no matter how much preventative maintenance you perform on your C-Arm, problems might arise at oec point. But not all problems are a 9900 of an apocalypse. In fact, many of the more common issues are minor and might not even require a service call to have them rectified. We thought we should ease your concerns on error of these issues:. But don't worry, when this error code communication up your C-Arm is not overheating. Normally this means that your temperature sensor needs to be replaced.

Communication failure warning followed by control panel error. Failure of fast stop switch - unable to stop generation of x rays. Only way to stop x ray generation.

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GE OEC C-arm Service manualFull description FAILURE TO HEED THIS WARNING MAY RESULT IN INJURY TO THE SERVICE PROVIDER, Communication Port The ISD board connects to the UPS communication port.

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1) Temperature Sensor Failure: The temperature sensor is there to sound the alarm when your C-Arm overheats. · 2) Grainy Image: Many of our.

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  • Select another function. X-rays are disabled while the message is displayed. Restore Power After Service 1. If problem persists contact service. After releasing the stuck key, press any C-arm control panel key to continue.